Saturday, October 17, 2009


Grant and Barrett had a fun time playing hide and seek behind some brush. They were so entertained trying to find each other. It was funny to watch! Some days they get along better than others- and today they played very well together!

Our lake

This is the lake that is on our property. It is full of bass, but John has yet to go catch some dinner for us lately. He is a little too busy this semester. I love eating fresh fish though!

Saturday fun

One of the best things about living in Inverness is our property that is right out our front door. This is a great place to have kids- especially kids that have lots of energy like Grant. Saturdays are fun because John is home so we can go play on the property even more. Today we went on a nature walk with Brian and the kids out to the lake. We all just sat around and watched the cows, horses, dogs, goats, birds, bunnies, and beautiful scenery. It was fun! The kids had a blast!

Cold front time!!!!

This morning the temperature was in the 50's when we woke up! We were all so excited- especially me! I just hope it stays like this for a few days. John and Grant when on a bike ride to the park. Grant loves the park and John tries to take him a few times a week. THey have a great time! We love Saturdays because it is all about College Football!!! Go Gators!
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