Friday, May 28, 2010

The baby hawk

This one is for Al....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

no more videos

I guess John is in a part of China that does not have access to blogs or facebook so I do not need to post anymore videos! Good thing because they take forever on my computer. I wonder what I would do without facebook or blogs...hmmmm. Maybe go a little crazy!

He is having a great time. Last night they flew up to a city called Xi'an. Then they are flying to Beijing on Thursday and staying thru Sunday. In these smaller cities everyone is shocked to see young americans, and then of course one that speaks Mandrin. He says that whenever they walk into a restaurant everyone just stares at them. I think he is liking all the attention :)One night he ate a silkworm and some fried bugs. I guess he could only eat one bug- then he felt a little grossed out. He has figured out a way for it to look like he is eating even when he is not. That sounds like fun! Spencer and Nate had a harder time adjusting to the time change. One night both of them fell asleep at the dinner table. Spencers head just plopped down in his soup. I bet it is tiring to never hear anyone speak english. That would probably put me right to sleep also!

I have talked to him once on the phone and then we have chatted on gmail a few times. They are exactly 12 hours ahead of EST here in FL. So it is about 7pm there right now- going into Wednesday. When they get to Beijing there will be a lot more city action going on. I would love to go to all the markets etc. We miss Johno and can't wait to hear all the other funny stories!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

John's graduation present from me...

I have been looking for the perfect gift to give John. This is not an easy task. John is not the kind of guy that likes frivolous things, which is the opposite of me. I love to give and receive extravagant gifts. It is easy to buy me gifts and very hard to buy John anything. I always fail in that category! Well not today. I found this used piano that was very reasonably priced. He has been wanting one for a very long time and of course we could not afford anything new. So this was a very lucky find! I love to play and so does Grant. And of course, everyone knows how talented John is at the piano. Now our whole family can enjoy his love of music.
Congrats babe!

future bishopric in Fl

Gotta love my grantster :) Wears his emotions on his sleeve. I wonder what he is thinking right now????

this is what will happen to me when i have 5 kids....

we miss johno!

So John has been gone for 2 days and we have all been a little sad. Grant is the most affected by his departure. Every morning and every night he walks around the whole house and says "where dada?". It is really sad to watch. We had some work guys deliver John's graduation present yesterday. They have a red truck and so does John. When they pulled up Grant was so excited. He always runs out when he sees Johns red truck drive up. I had to quickly tell him that it was not Dada. He had a very confused face...I have been trying to fill our days with fun activities to make the time go by quickly... needless to say we still have 10 days to go! He better be having tons of fun in China :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

more pics...

We had a very fun filled weekend with John's parents. We hope that they decide to visit us again sometime! My favorite part of the whole weekend was when my mother in law accidentally ate fried gator at John's graduation dinner. It was hilarious. The face she made was priceless. I will always remember that night and laugh. Thanks Oma!

Baby blessing for Garrett...

The day finally arrived. We were able to bless Garrett with John's parents in town and also my aunt and uncle. We were lucky that it all worked out. Kempton was able to bless Dallas too! It was fun :)

Law school grad!

We all went to John's law school, Grant, Garrett, Oma, and Opa. It was very fun. We are so excited that John graduated! Hurray! He looks pretty excited here too!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

House Update

We were suppose to close yesterday afternoon. Bummer!!! I am learning a lot about this "short sale" stuff in the last week. We were patiently awaiting the closing cost details to add on to the house price... from the bank. The bank has to let the title company know and then they let us know. So by 3 pm and no word from the bank, our momentum finally started to slow down. We realized that we would not close by our contract date- and we all signed an attachment letting the bank have 2 more weeks to get the closing cost details to us. John and I were both pretty bummed! Such is life in the short sale market. I have been told that the banks do the strangest things sometimes. Now they have until May 12th...hopefully we will close by then. We are both excited and anxious to move down south! Pictures to come soon :)
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