Saturday, January 17, 2009

We are moving back to G-town

We have decided to move back to G-town because the commute has just been too long and hard. We are excited to see our old friends, but will sure miss the adventures and outings out on the property! Grant will especially miss all the golf cart rides, ATV rides, and mule rides. He is an outside boy and has a lot of spunk so my new job will be a lot harder in G-town. How am I going to tire this little stinker out? I am going to need some major help that's for sure :) It will be fun.

A few late pics

Here are a few more pics from Christmas. I just had to add them. Here is the funny Santa pic and then here are Grant and Ally in their adorable Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve. Grant and Ally look like brother and sister- so cute!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Santa and Grant

Grant was a little scared of Santa- even though John was the guy dressed up this year. It was funny to see his expressions... I had to catch it on camera. One thing I learned from these pics is that John would never look good with a beard, especially a white one!

Grant and Opa

They had fun getting to know each other again. Opa taught him to point his finger and Grant loved sitting on his lap.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas fun...

We had a beautiful white Christmas in Utah. Aside from the week of the flu, we had a great time meeting new cousins and hanging out having fun. Here are a few pics from the trip. I regret not taking more after our sick episode... but I guess I was a little tired.
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