Friday, September 26, 2008

Barrett and Grant

Here they are trying to ride a goat- silly boys! Maybe they will get the hang of it soon!

Biking down the suncoast

We love biking and try to go as much as we can. Now that the weather is cooling down- we may get to go more now!

This is Hot Shot...

Here is the big billy goat Hot Shot. He is very friendly and is a little protective of his 2 pregnant companions= Klondike and Kelsi. He comes from a good bloodline, but looks kind of like a dog in this pic :)

This is Sampson...

This is our little billy goat Sampson. He is 6 months old and so cute! Grant thinks they are so funny!

Our afternoon adventure

Yesterday after John's class our little family went on an adventure. We loaded up my dad's truck, hooked up his horse trailer, and headed up to North Florida to pick up some Nubian goats that I found online for sale. I was surprised at my own enthusiasm.

My sister has bought 2 nubians in the last week, if you were wondering how I got this crazy idea. So we pull up to this shack in the middle of nowhere, after about 2 hours of driving to meet my first pets- if u can call them that... There is Hot Shot - the 2 year old Billy, Kelsey Bean- the 2 year old pregnant girl, Klondike- another 2 year old pregger, and little Sampson- a 6 month old little Billy.
I felt as if I was on some rescue crew saving these poor goats from a lowlife home. There was not much grass anywhere, just dirt and an electric fence. The owners were very friendly, just did not have the room for the growing family. We loaded them up and headed home. These goats just hit the goat lottery- there luck has changed for the better. They are now living in the luxury goat world with hundreds of acres of green pasture and roaming area. I know they will be much happier :)

I am most excited about the baby goats on the way. Grant loves the animals. Every morning I get on the golf cart with Grant and we ride over to our property by my parents house. He laughs and smiles when we get out to play with my sister's goats. They are very friendly and cute. Maybe that is why I came up with this crazy idea to get some goats! Thanks John for going along with the idea!

I will post some pics later this morning- of our 4 newest addtitions.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Computer Doctor

Recently I fell victim to a computer virus scam. Now my computer is in the shop and we have yet to here the diagnosis. I want everyone to know not to do what I did. Every computer comes with a virus sweeper. Mine did. Now when this program expires- fraudulent, very similiarly named programs pop up to download and replace the one on the computer. The legitimate programs are Antivirus and Spy Sweeper. The computer guy said all the rest could be fake programs that infect your computer. I downloaded Microvirus- same emblem, similiar name to Antivirus (the legit one). So don't make the same mistake as me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A lucky little bundle of joy!

We are so excited to have a few more pics of the latest addition to the Williams family. Little Cozette is one lucky little girl...there is no one that is going to be a better dad than Ben. He has been waiting for this moment for so long. Now he can stop touching random babies bc he finally has his own! We hear that he can hardly stand not being with her. He misses that precious face whenever he is not around- we can see why.
She can't get enough kisses from her daddy.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

same smile...

He may look a lot like his mommy, but he has his daddy funny smile!

Grant is almost standing...

Grant is
so acrobatic! He is always sitting up with one leg tucked under and resting on his right leg. It is so cute- he has great balance! We are a little worried because he is pulling up on everything. He has a 102 fever today- so we are trying to take it easy- hard for little guy though :(

Congrats Ben and Suz!

Cozi is so adorable! We can't wait to meet her in December when we come out for Christmas. My mom has said that she is the most "beautiful newborn" she has ever seen. She says that she is perfect in every way. My mom was unable to visit with Suz in the hospital, so we hope that she is recovering quickly. We are glad that she was able to take lots of pics with Ben and Cozette!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Baby swim time on the cruise!

fun pics from the cruise

The boys had a blast playing together on the cruise. We had some rough, long nights- but at least we got some cute pics. I think we were the only ones that brought infants on a cruise- now i know why!
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