Sunday, April 12, 2009

The 3 stooges and mimi

Grant's first easter egg hunt!

He wasn't sure what to think about the whole experience. By the time the easter egg hunt came around he was pretty tired... he is a survivor :)

Grant's personality comes out...

He looks like such a little boy to me! Where did my baby go?

The Larson kiddies...


We had a lot of fun all hanging out! Jenny and I wore bright yellow to match the big signs my grand-mother had made. It was fun!

Tractors are a boys best friend!

Here is Grant on his first real tractor! It is the perfect size for a little guy :) He cried hard when I made him get off! Little stinker!

Getting ready for the big Easter party at Grand-Mimi's

Jenny and I headed to Kissimmee to help Mimi set up for her annual Cousin Easter party on Saturday. My grand mothers house is a little boys paradise. You will see in the upcoming pictures! Grant was very sad to leave... here are Grant and Caydon fighting over cookies and then getting to go for a golf cart ride! So much fun :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Surprise Conference Weekend!

Our family had some "surprise" news during the Saturday Morning session of General Conference. Neil L Andersen was called to be an apostle. In our home he is known as Uncle Neil, but maybe all that changes now- I am not sure. Here is a picture of my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Neil. My Aunt Kathy is my fathers sister. That is the relation if anyone was wondering. My father has 1 sister and 1 brother , so we were all very close growing up.
My husband, John was best friends with their youngest son Derek in college- who actually set us up. And I still stay in touch with my cousin Kristen- their second daughter. I only have 4 girl cousins total- so not very many!
The best part about the call for me was the position Uncle Neil filled- which was Elder Wirthlin's. Many of you know that Elder Wirthlin was John's dads first cousin. John and I had the special opportunity to meet with Elder Wirthlin and be sealed in the temple by Elder Wirthlin for time and all eternity. He gave us some very practical and spiritual advice a few days before the sealing. I continued to enjoy his counsel and advice over the last few years. I loved listening to his very upbeat and heartfelt conference talks. He was a very special man to our family. These warm feelings easily continue for me. Uncle Neil and Aunt Kathy have always been great examples of Christlike living. They have been devoted to serving the Lord all over the world. John and I continue to look forward to hearing more uplifting and encouraging counsel from Elder Andersen in the future.
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