Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Crabman... check it out!

What should I do with "lil stinks"?

I get used to calling Grant names like "Lil Stinks" bc John is always singing silly songs and naming him silly names. For those that know John very well- I know this is not hard to believe. John can make and sing a song over and over using as little as 3-4 words. And sometimes the words aren't even real words. The thing is- Grant loves them and they are soooo funny. So... Dad often calls Grant "Lil Stinks"- and here he is being a little stinker...just like his daddy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wiggle worm...

My little wiggle worm hardly sits still anymore- he is constantly rolling or squirming all over the place. Here he is doing his nightly stretches- jk! i can't believe I caught this little series on camera. No gymnastics for you buddy- looks like u are a natural!


This is how I feel sometimes when I am taking pics of little G. I just can't help but catch our boring little everyday moments on camera. Maybe this will help me freeze time :)
Here is G when John comes home from work- big smile. I bought this cute hat today- and Dad laughed pretty hard when he walked in. Grant in his excersaucer- way too many toys to chew on. And then Grant just playing with his toes- his fav thing in the world! I just too this cute face way too much :)

I found this recently

This one is for you Ben---I meant to post this a few months ago but forgot. I know u never check blogs so you may not

ever see it. Or maybe someone will tell you to check it out. If only all guys could fit in their wives skinny jeans! I know mine can't :) Nice legs!!!!- why didn't I get those skinny legs ?????

Friday, June 20, 2008

Grant loves Niner!

On our Utah trip I discovered that Grant loves dogs-or at least thinks they are really funny. It was pretty cute. Here is Aunt Joey with Grant- everytime Niner would walk by him he would laugh. Especially when he was in the high chair and then Niner would like his toes. Of course I let him- bc it was too cute!

Should I vaccinate my baby?

Article from CNN yesterday....

"It's not entirely clear what family history would put your child at risk for vaccine problems, but Frances Page Glascoe, a professor of pediatrics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, says parents should look back at least ask the question."

"I would look at Mom, Dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins who had developmental disabilities, including language disorders and autism spectrum disorder," she said. If parents find such a family history, "that would cause me to discuss an alternative vaccination schedule."

Jon Poling, Hannah's father, says it's clear to him now that he should have been more wary.
"We have autoimmune disorders on both sides of the family, and Hannah had multiple febrile infections with ear infections and horrible trouble with eczema," he said. "All of those are red flags that a child is at risk." end quote.

Some other red flags are history of allergies and asthma. I know on my husband's side there are some severe allergies, and on my side of the family more of intolerances. Of course, on his side, there are more family members so it it easier to notice more things. Kind of a blessing when it comes to science though.

But what about learning disabilities or delays? I am not sure how many of Grant's 70 cousins has a LD - statisically the AAP says that 1 in 6 has a learning disability. That would make over 10 cousins with a LD - Wirthlins and Williams included. I am not sure the exact numbers- I am sure most mothers are not sharing this kind of information too openly. Here is a chart I found that lists what milestones children should be meeting and when.

Now I have an idea of what a delay might be.

I just like to stay current with the latest news. Medicine is like everything else and is constantly changing. Try to be informed on what you consent to as a consumer.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From trip

Here is Grant, Jonathon, and Caydon- so cute. Also, Grant with Aunt Al...she made funny faces like dad!

Trip to UT

Grant and I took a trip to UT alone without Dad last week. The plane ride was a little long for mommy- but not too bad. We had so much fun at Aunt Joey's house- especially bc we were able to spend time with G's cousins. Here is Caydon and Grant hanging out. Grant was trying to suck on Caydon or his toes- as u can see.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Highchair time

Grant is almost 6 months old and we finally bought him a high chair! We love Ikea- it was soooo cheap!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grammy and Grant....

hanging at grand-mimi's

We had fun at my grandma's for a night... here are some pics...Grant's hair looks red-but it's the flash:)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One day they just sit up...

....and today was that day for G. He has been almost sitting up for awhile now- some might actually count it- but for me today was the day Grant finally really sat up...nice and tall. Pretty good, only 5 1/2 months old. We were all pretty excited! I guess that is what happens with crawling and walking. One day your baby just does it- I can't believe how fast they grow!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hanging by the pool at home

So I am trying to take Grant outside more bc he slept so good at the beach. My new job is to try to tire him out when he is awake... he has tons of energy and so I have to help him use it all. After spending 45 minutes outside by the pool in his sun tent- he was ready to crash right when I brought him back inside. I guess it worked for today!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

He loves his dad!

Grant loved the beach and I think the beach liked him too... too bad we don't know anyone with a condo on the beach bc we would be heading there every weekend. Nothing beats hanging out at the beach and having fun with Dad :)

More beach pics...

We rented a turtle raft for the day and he loved chillin in it under the shade by a waterfall. He was pretty cute in it :) There was a little baby pool- that we let him stand in for a few minutes- he is looking down but he has a big smile! The ladies at the hotel cafe couldn't get enough of him and they got him to smile every time we walked by! His baby crocs were a big hit. I was just trying to keep his little feet from getting burned. Of course I put sunscreen on him like 3 times and tried to keep him in the shade...

Big Firm Perks...

So the law firm John is working for flew us down to Ft. Lauderdale for a Greenberg Traurig summer associate retreat. They put us up in a 5 star hotel on the beach. We even had the ocean view room- so nice! We had a lot of fun- here are some pics from Grant's 2nd time to the beach. This time we put him in the water- pretty fun! He was such a trooper- so good most of the time. All the associates thought he was so cute :) Babies are always a big hit at adult functions- there was a model booker for Miami there and she said that she hires babies for modeling once they are 6 months or older. We asked her how much he would make an hour- $75-100. Dad needs to quit his job and we should put Grant to work :) WE just have to work on his smile a little bit...
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