Thursday, March 25, 2010

John's really excited smile...

Ever since John's pic with the "Judge" that was posted on his Dad's blog, I have been thinking about how john is able to do a happy smile... and then a really happy smile. These pics speak for themselves! Recently we were at a wedding reception in Orlando and my grandmother and a bunch of her friends were sitting around chatting. Of course, my friendly husband sits down and talks with all my grandmother's bridge friends. Later my grandmother told my mother that her friends loved John and said this about him... "He has the most beautiful eyes :)" I laughed then and I laugh now when I think about it. I know where Grant gets his beautiful eyes from- his daddy! I have random strangers tell me the same thing about him all the time. The jury is still out on Garrett... mommy or daddy- I think he is leaning more towards mine, but we'll see! He looks kind of like daddy in this picture :)

more water pics....

Who needs toys?

All I need is a $5 swimming pool and a wet t-shirt. The boys took care of the rest. Even though the water was a little chilly, they had a blast! Grant is a water-boy that is 4-sure! We just wish Cayden could have joined in on the fun... he is with his new baby brother though!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun at Disney

I don't know where I found the energy to go to Animal Kingdom when Garrett was 8 weeks old, but I thought getting out of the house would help. It did for the first hour and then I was just dying to get home the rest of the day. Needless to say, I was much more tired the next day, but Grant and John had a great time. Thanks Disney World! Grant is still a little too young to understand the importance of waiting in line to go on a ride. I guess patience is a virtue we need to work on in this house!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Momma and babies

Grant was not really cooperating for this family photo shoot, so we kept it simple. Next time I won't try to take pictures next to all his toys. Not a good idea!

Garrett is 10 weeks old

He is getting bigger and bigger. The days are passing by quickly again. It is a relief, but sometimes sad for me! He is really a fun baby. He is relaxed most of the time, but sometimes he has an opinion. Usually about not sleepping alone!

family pics

This is where Grant plays outside every day. We are the only house at the end of this street, so we leave all the toys out. Looks a little white trashy... I guess that what happens when I get lazy! Sorry. It is so much easier this way though...

the weather in florida is finally warming up!

It was Florida's longest winter this year. We never thought it was going to end. Now it is finally back up to the 70's and we are all much happier. Call it a mix of postpardum and seasonal depression... but we had a few rough weeks there. No more winter babies for me :)
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