Tuesday, May 31, 2011

thank goodness for reality steve

check out www.realitysteve.com to get a better picture of what abc can do to the contestants. He writes about 3 pages on Bentley...

Bad Boy Bentley

I guess it is about time that I write a post about my little brother Bentley on ABC's Bachelorette. The last two episodes have been very interesting and entertaining. Some of the parts were more painful to watch than others. We had a small clue that he would be "villianized" on this season, but had no idea how bad it would be. Bentley gave us the warning, but watching it was tougher than we expected. Bentley's fate as either being the "good guy" or the "bad guy" was in the producers hands... not good odds. I will say that ABC has made a good run for their money. Bling Bling- best ratings in 8 yrs! Bentley is the Simon Cowell that every reality show needs. Maybe American Idol will give him a call sometime soon. Keep our fingers crossed!

Bottom line- Bentley is not being depicted fairly. But I hope people that are reading my blog already know that one.... common sense. And if you are taking him too seriously- try not to...he is nothing like that in "reality"!

I will say that John and I are having the best Monday night laugh sessions ever. I agree with the thousands of tweets saying "Bentley's lines are so good that he must be a professional actor". And this is my first time using twitter so thanks ABC for helping me be more computer savy.

BTW- check out http://bentleywilliamsapologists.wordpress.com for another side of Bentley.
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