Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The little muchkins

The kiddies playing outside in Inverness.

Grant and Caydon swimming

I guess the swimming lessons were worth it after all. This was a proud moment for me!

Boys racing...

Of course Bentley won the first time. John won the second time.

lots of sleeping in the car....

Wish I slept like Garrett!

All boys and 1 little princess.

The boys were all loading up to go on the Jeep. Little Cozy saw them getting ready to leave and she started running over and said... Papa don't go without me. It was so cute. We love having a little girl around when we are usually all surrounded by boys!

These kids were so cute on the buggy.

Campbell did a great job of driving our little pony. Grant and Cozy were so happy and content the whole time. Cozy kept telling the horse to go faster- it was so cute! I think Grant almost fell asleep :)

4th of July fun...

I took a lot of pictures this fourth of July thanks to my new Iphone. I love that I carry around my camera where-ever I go. We went up to Inverness for the 4th. We did so many things and had so much fun. We were outside pretty much the whole time. It was great to see everyone. These pictures tell the story!
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