Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Trimester over!

I am officially out of the first trimester, but I still have not felt the "awe I feel so much better" feeling. I remember feeling much better in the 2nd trimester with Grant. This does not help me thru the days at all. I will have a good day and then 2 really bad days. The fatigue has been much worse this time,too. I am trying so hard not to give in and drink caffeine, but somedays I just have to have a few sips. It only helps me for like an hour or two and then I crash even more. I am such a sucker!!! Oh well- this is my update, sorry there are no pictures. I still have not mustered up the energy to find the camera charger. Maybe that should be my project for this rainy Saturday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grant and Opa

We are glad that we were able to spend the last day up in SLC at Oma and Opa's house. Grant had a blast playing with Opa. By the end of the night he could say Opa. It was really cute!

Grant getting a fun haircut....

Utah has some of the best kid themed stores- and this hair salon was a great idea. Grant makes some of the funniest faces during his haircuts! John and I kept laughing the whole time :)

more pics....

Here are a few fun pics. The Alpine canyon is beautiful and we loved taking pics up in the mountains. I forgot how much I love the mountains. Cabellas was fun with the Hatches! That store is like a miniature museum- we could have entertained Grant there everyday.... and John!

We survived the Utah flu :)

We are all finally back to Florida after a fun filled trip to Utah. We did catch a few viruses here and there, but we survived! I am going to post some of the pics from the trip over the next few days. No matter how sick we got- the food in Utah always out beats the food in Florida. That was something to look forward to. And thanks to all those that helped me survive - especially the Hatch family!
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