Thursday, October 30, 2008

Camera question....

For all of you out there with a "nice" camera this post is for you. I am trying to research cameras- bc this is what I want for Christmas. Please tell me about the camera that u have that takes great/very clear pictures. My camera can never catch the right picture of Grant.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Some more pics...

I am not a big fan of outside lighting for my pics, but some of them turned out ok. We definitly had a fun time posing!

First time on grass...

Today we took some family pictures on the property. Everyday we go outside and Grant is just squirming to get on the ground. Normally he is in shorts and no shoes, so I never let him play on the ground. Since we had him all dressed up in jeans and shoes, I decided to give in. He was having so much fun, he didn't want anyone to disturb him. He loved looking at the hay and grass over and over again. He is a character!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cute glass baby bottles

To all the other "green" moms out there. Here is my latest find. I have bought a few glass bottles due to the safety of plastic bottles. I have always hated the idea of Grant dropping them and breaking glass everywhere. I have to worry no longer! You can buy this nifty glass baby bottle with cover at They have 4 and 9 ounce bottles. The plastic parts are all BPA free. The covers are really cute and all sorts of colors. Check it out if you are interested!

Which winter hat is cuter????

I couldn't resist getting these Hannah Andersen hats for our trip to Utah for Christmas. Which one is cuter bc I can't decide???????? I love both of them and I wish I could afford to buy more stuff from this website.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The drive home...

Grant gets super hyper when he is tired. First comes the hysterical laughing and then the crying! I made him stay awake until we got home and straight to the crib....

u can check out his 4 teeth in the second picture!

More pics from the party...

Grant had fun with his little friends. He loves playing with older kids... this little girl is one of his victims for a moment!

Ward Halloween Party!

Here is our little horsey on his first Halloween- a week early of course! We had a great time at the party and enjoyed all of our "special diet" food that my sister prepared and brought. WE stayed out a little later than usual and he was so tired on the way home. He likes his schedule!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Elimination Diet

I am starting my elimination diet tomorrow morning. I am excited but a little stressed about finding fun ways to eat the select items for the next 2 weeks. Luckily my mom and sister will be starting also which will help with moral support. I am doing this diet to find out my food allergies- I know I have a few lurking just from random symptoms I get here and there. I would like to figure out the culprits bf my next pregnancy- so that some of my issues like kidney stones might not happen. That was an awful experience! I have found a great doctor with an approach that is thorough and healthy. I am hoping to have it figured out bf the holidays and the mass eating begins! Wich me luck :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Free models...

Thanks Kempton, Jenny, and Caydon for doing a little free modeling today! I am sure Bentley and John will compensate you when they make a little money with their business...

Our new baby goats...

The new baby boer goats are pretty cute. Here are some pics of our latest additions- we have 2 mothers and 4 babies- 2 girls and 2 boys. We will see how this little business turns out.

Busy times...

It seems like a lot

has been going on lately. We have been so busy and time is just flying by. Some updates- Grant has his top 2 teeth. His new favorite word is Gaa Gaaa- it is really cute. Other words he says are Maa maa and Baa baa. He weaned himself during his last cold. It was not as sad for me as I imagined. I am very happy about our new situation and I love having my life back. I forgot how much I enjoy my independence! He loves the bottle and I think he prefers it to baby food now. He hit his 10 month old bday! I can't believe my little stinks is almost a year old. I think I am going to cry!

Monday, October 13, 2008

such a nice boy!

This is how Grant feels about being sick!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bath at Mimi's

Here is Grant having a good time in the bath at Mimi's. He loves the bath- and this was a little different than our house.

my little girl!

Here are some more pics from the summer. I got to sneak on a sparkly headband bc dad was out of town! I want a little girl to dress up!

Old pics from the summer

I just got these off my mom's camera from when we were in UT for a week in july. We had a fun time at the Alpine house and visiting Thanksgiving Point. Here is Grant with my uncle Gary. He is a little hesitant about the friendly guy!

Jab or no jab?

I am having more and more of my friends call and ask me about vaccines. For those that are still debating the decision I found this article helpful.

What will ultimately guide your decision...

Your decision will ultimately be driven by fear or become one of conviction based on your philosophy, which fear will have no part.

Fear and the Vaccine Decision:

1. Fear of a reaction to a vaccine will outweigh the fear of the disease(s).
2. Fear of the disease(s) outweigh the fear of a vaccine reaction.
3. Fear and selective vaccinators-they won’t fear the disease(s) they vaccinated for, but may obsess over the disease(s) they didn’t vaccinate for.
4. Fear and Risk Figures-it won’t be the actual overall figure that steers your decision, but whether you think your child will be that one child. Example: the 1/1000 figure whether it be a disease or a reaction.

Fear is the biggest emotion in connection with the vaccine issue. That is why your fear must be addressed before making a decision. Things to think about:

-Vaccine trials do not represent everyone. Statistical norms bear no relationship to individual risks because that is unique to every person.
-No vaccine information, not even package inserts, disclose all information. Some information is considered ‘trade secrets’, or are sealed documents.
-Even if your child is immunologically more at risk of a disease, those same factors may make them more at risk from the vaccine.
-If vaccines were safe, manufacturers would not need federal legislation to protect them from liability-vaccine injury or death. If they were effective, no one would question their use nor value. If they were healthy for us, there would be no state mandates for daycare or schools, nor be forced.
-False evidence that appears real is the greatest strategy ever invented. So study your history.

-Research what both sides have to say, pro and con, and weigh the difference.

to finish reading this article click here:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

my little sickie...

We got him a billed beanie like the little business his dad and uncle are trying to create. Too bad he was a little too sick to take good pics. A bad cold is running through the fam and it is not pleasant for anyone! Hopefully it will all be over soon!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Long Weekend

Here is Grant and Caydon playing during conference sessions. All the 3 boys love crawling and standing on everything. We had so much fun with Kempton and Jenny. The best part was teaching Caydon to sleep thru the night. He picked up on the program very quickly- much faster than Grant. And now Jenny can get some good rest at night! Yeah...Here is my mom teaching Grant to walk. He can stand unassisted for 10-15 seconds. She says he is close- and so probably by his first bday he will have it down.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My computer is back!

After 10 long days my computer is finally back! Here is Grant eating spaghetti for the first time and then going straight in the bath after. He loved it- and of course most of it ended on the floor! He made a big mess...
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